NEWS: Great companies are built by great people

//NEWS: Great companies are built by great people

NEWS: Great companies are built by great people

The Toward Family, owners of Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, believe that the evolution of their great family business is a direct result of the fantastic people who have worked alongside them over the years.

Established in 1963, Wholesale Domestic was founded by Walter Toward Senior. Fast forward 56years, and the company has evolved into Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, the leading bathroom supplier in Scotland. Joint CEOs Derek & Walter Toward, sons of Walter Senior, remain owners to this day and lead the business with Brian Toward, Derek’s son. Collectively, they share a vision to
continue to grow the business, via innovation and investment in both people and infrastructure.

This high regard for the extended ‘Wholesale Domestic Family’ was felt on January 11th 2019 when Tommy Sneddon, an employee with over 43 years of service to the company, hung up his high-vis jacket for the final time. The company celebrated his departure from the business with a retirement lunch, where all 65 staff gathered to say their goodbyes and wish Tommy well. Stories were shared, tears were shed and whiskey was drank; it was the perfect send-off for a Wholesale Domestic legend.

Tommy Sneddon started his journey working at the company’s first store in Argyle Street, Glasgow, as a delivery driver. During his 43 years with the company, Tommy worked in many roles for the business and finished his time working at the company’s new state of the art 133,000ft warehouse and dispatch center in Hillington, in the outskirts of Glasgow.

Tommy heard about the position at Wholesale Domestic through his brother-in-law, who told Tommy “it would be a job for life”. Little did Tommy know that this is exactly what it would turn out to be. During his leaving speech, Tommy Sneddon shared some fantastic memories of his time at Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms.

Tommy Sneddon, a lifelong employee of Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms said “Over the years, I have been well looked after by the Toward family. It’s not every day that you get to work with three generations of the same family. I was signed onto the company by Walter Senior, a great man and, 43 years later, I was signed off by his Son Walter Junior, a friend.” “My fondest memories include our brilliant nights out, I loved nothing more than when we were all
together. The Towards, Derek and Walter, became my extended family, the brothers I never had. I am very grateful for what they offered me in terms of employment and support.”

Tommy’s time with the company was filled with both work and play. Tommy Sneddon recalled “We also enjoyed a practical joke or two and would often ambush Walter Junior with elastic bands and paper bullets until he could take no more. We also made a secret rope swing in the rafters while cleaning the roof A-frames of the warehouse and would enjoy swinging about when we were supposed to be doing other things. We still laugh about our antics to this day.”

Wholesale Domestic has gone through many changes over the years, and Tommy Sneddon has been there through it all. He continues to be amazed at how much the company has developed. When recalling the extensive company growth, Tommy summed it up in true Glaswegian style “It was like going from an end terrace to a mansion that we filled with great folk along the way. Quite unbelievable really”

Working for Wholesale Domestic meant a great deal to Tommy. He couldn’t have been more appreciative about how well he had been looked after during his 43 years. He summed up his time at the company in three words “enjoyable, pleasurable and privileged.”

Joint Managing Director, Walter Toward, said “It’s almost impossible to put into words the contribution that Tommy Sneddon has made to Wholesale Domestic over the last 43 years. He is truly part of the brickwork that has made this company what it is today. My family and the company wish Tommy well, it certainly won’t be the same without him.”

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