1611, 2017

BLOG: KALEIDOSCOPE-Taking & Tackling a brief.

It is time to start planning and designing material for The National Family Business Awards 2018.  MD Anita has provided the theme ‘Kaleidoscope’ for the visual theme for the awards that will take place in […]

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1311, 2017


We are getting ready for Christmas over here at Family Business Place!! Christmas has come early and we have all got dressed our in our finest clothes for the photoshoot for the Christmas card FBPlace […]

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1011, 2017

BLOG: Olympia’s First Private Exhibition!

Head of Design and recent grad Olympia Brightley-Hodges from Family Business Place has recently been working on personal work which includes Lino printing.

Olympia’s beautiful large works are skilfully created through a lengthy process which includes […]

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3010, 2017

BLOG: Who inspires me?

I have recently found a great new illustrator that has really inspired me! Stephen Smith from  neasdencontrolcentre.com

Stephen Smith specialises in a mixture of illustration, graphic art, editorial illustration, animation and installations. First of all I […]

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1610, 2017

BLOG: Getting Messy- Part 2

Following on from the drawings in my last post, ‘Illustrating Generation Magazine Part 1’

So, after some inspiration from Anita, I really let loose, got all of my materials, and really had some fun with creating […]

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1210, 2017

BLOG: Illustrating Generation Magazine Part 1

Wow, what an experience! So I have been asked to illustrate articles within Generation magazine. I do have a background in illustration, selling one off pieces and I design my own cards, but I have […]

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1210, 2017

BLOG: My very first week at Family Business Place

So I am coming to the end of my first week as the new Design Intern @ FBP and naturally I was a little nervous starting the week but also very excited. The team here have […]

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