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Do you need a NED?

Looking to appoint a non-executive director? FBP is uniquely placed to find the right person for your business and one that is used to dealing with the particular nuances found only in family firms.

If you have ever considered hiring a non-executive director or have already taken the plunge, Family Business Place offers a specialist search and selection service and also provides advice on the  appointment process.

With their wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts, non-executive directors can bring so much to a family firm, whatever the size, and especially those that are looking to expand or are going through a period of change or upheaval.

Having a non-executive director within your business brings a fresh, outside perspective and a focus on the ‘big picture’. They are invaluable in helping businesses to plan their future strategy and keep targets on track, and also bring a network of valuable contacts.

If you are considering hiring a non-executive director, why not get in touch and we can explain our process and discuss your requirements to enable us to find the perfect match for you.


“We were very pleased with the quality of candidates put forward by Family Business Place and our chosen candidate is exceptional.”
Edward Tadros, Chairman, Ercol