BLOG: Kaleidoscope- Creating a Sting!

//BLOG: Kaleidoscope- Creating a Sting!

BLOG: Kaleidoscope- Creating a Sting!

So this year for The National Family Business Awards 2018 I have been asked to create an opening ‘Sting’ video, which is to be played at the beginning of the ceremony. It’s a big job, as I have never used Adobe After Effects in my life!! But I love a new challenge and I am excited about getting started!

The theme is ‘Kaleidoscope’ which is the main theme for the Awards this year.

The Brief: 

  • Find some music that is fun, with a crescendo
  • The video must include the Kaleidoscope theme
  • The video must be around 1 minute long
  • To edit and create in After Effects
  • To include facts and figures on family businesses
  • grab peoples attention


The Music

I was advised that it’s better to find the music before creating the video and trying to add music to it. We went through lots of different songs, looking at artists such as Moby, Faithless, Royksopp and Avicci.  I then started to look at other genres such as classical music including artists such as Ludovico Einaudi.

It took a while to find music that was fun, original, and had a nice build to it. I decided to go for a dubstep beat which was really catching, I thought it would work well with the visual elements of the Kaleidoscope as a video. I could imagine the fasts electronic beats going in sync with the quick change of kaleidoscope patterns.

Audio in After Effects Tutorial

Firstly I wanted to place my music in to After Effects and select which section of the music was strongest for the ideas that I had. I wrote notes as I went along just in case I needed to come back to them. Adding and selecting the music was the easy part!


Adding visual to create an impact

 After finding music, I placed video footage of a Kaleidoscope in to after effects. The mint green coloured blocks in the image below show show the video footage along the timeline. I have cut out bits f the video, made some areas faster, and reversed some to get the best bits out of the video. The Red bar along the timeline shows the music which is playing throughout.



Typography Placement

The blue blocks above the red music block show where the text is along the timeline. The length shows how long the text will appear for. There are options for different effects to bring the text in and off the screen. These are on the right hand side of the program under ‘Effects & Presets’ , then under ‘Text’ then ‘Animate in’. There are lots of different options to try out. Some are really cheesy and don’t look great all so you have to be careful!

I went for Helvetica Bold as it is readable, simple, sophisticated and I love the way it looks when it it really large, with the kaleidoscope background.


I am currently still tweaking the video, adding and removing elements and trying to use a flashing effect in certain areas where the beat is quick and changes. I am really enjoying making this video, I hope the rest of the team like it once I show them my initial idea!!


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