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Matthew Russell

Investing in Innovation vs Maintaining Traditions

Copper Rivet Distillery at Chatham Maritime is the realisation of a long-held family dream. Bob, Matthew and Stephen have always loved the idea of distilling their own Gin from scratch and in 2016, after many years of research, the Copper Rivet Distillery was born.

As with any business, Bob and his family know they have to stay one step ahead and continue to innovate if they want to be successful. But this can be a tricky balancing act when also trying to ensure that traditional skills and processes keep them authentic to their craft.

Regardless of size, age or industry, the Family Business Place Forums attract family firms who want to meet other local companies with similar values and provide a place to share experiences and challenges in a safe and confidential environment.

The forums will tackle some of the biggest challenges facing Kent entrepreneurs:

  • Growth
  • Digital Marketing (inc web & social media)
  • Managing & recruiting talent
  • Next generation succession
  • Technology

These events are exclusively for family businesses, meaning you are free to share as much or as little as you like in the company of other firms who have been through the same, or similar issues.

For more information, please contact Susan Anderson 01732 220120 or

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