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Invitation Only

Would you benefit from joining a private group of like-minded next generation leaders in the construction industry? Discussing the difficult and sensitive issues in family businesses.

Main Objectives

Quarterly, confidential peer-to-peer forum to discuss the critical challenges and issues that face the next generation of family business leaders. A safe, friendly, non-judgemental environment to talk about difficult issues such as:

  • What will we really do if our parents fall ill / get hit by a bus / die unexpectedly?
  • What happens next to the family?
  • The very next day, who will lead the business?
  • What is a disaster recovery programme?
  • What challenges will we face in the business?

Construction Industry trends / Sharing best practice / Changes in legislation / Commercial issues / HR and recruitment / Business innovation / Collaboration and networking / Pension pots / Competitors / Suppliers

Other topics

  • Succession planning
  • Living in the shadow of successful parents
  • Finding your own voice
  • Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Work and life balance
  • How to work effectively with the Board
  • Understanding the role of the Board
  • How a good Board meeting is structured
  • How to work effectively as a family business
  • The role of family members not working in the business
  • Dealing with sibling rivalry
  • How to choose a leader for the business
  • How to work with non-family shareholders
  • What does ‘fairness’ look like
  • How to live your life according to your personal and business aspirations
  • Understanding what ‘legacy’ means
  • How to maintain harmony in the family when things get tough in the business


  • By sharing experiences – good, bad and ugly – this will help in tackling many of the issues 2nd generation family members face.
  • Participants of the group will get to know each other and become a real support ‘someone to turn to and pick up the phone to, and ask for help’
  • We can also bring into the sessions, experts in any subject we feel is important and will add value.

Being part of the group is an opportunity to:

  • Take time out of the office
  • Learn from people who have been there, seen it, done it
  • Debate business topics and the economy
  • Build closer working relationships and collaborations with a peer group

Building trust is key to making the group a success. Chatham House rules apply to ensure everyone feels safe, in the knowledge that whatever is discussed can be shared in a safe and highly confidential environment.

Initially, the sessions will be half a day, four times a year at a central London location. They will be facilitated by Anita Brightley-Hodges, Managing Director of Family Business Place (FBP), an organization whose sole aim is to help UK family businesses thrive. By promoting and supporting family enterprises, it seeks to recognize the contribution UK family firms bring to the UK economy.

Exclusive and limited places

If you are the next generation in your family business or work with a young leader who would benefit from belonging to a peer group who share common issues and challenges in family-run enterprises, contact Anita Brightley-Hodges for more information about this innovative and exclusive club.

01732 220 120