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Ask and they will tell you

Every business worth its salt knows how important it is to keep customers happy. But how do you know what they’re really thinking? And what about lapsed customers – do you always know why they stop placing business with you? Or could there be customers out there who have simply forgotten about you and need a gentle reminder?

Our perception studies provide the ideal vehicle for you to find of what customers, past, present and future really think so you can act on the information to improve your business. You can also include staff and suppliers in the process to gather views from both an internal and external perspective.

Perception studies can be particularly appropriate within family businesses as they offer the family an opportunity to speak their mind and to make suggestions to an independent observer. This can be particularly helpful for younger members or those who don’t have the confidence to be so frank in a more formal situation.

We recommend that a perception study be conducted every three to five years to ensure that your business remains in tune with customer expectations. In addition, the studies are an essential part of the rebranding process and provide evidence-based information for marketing strategies to ensure you set off on the right track.

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