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Join a thriving, vibrant community of British family business owners. Whether you’re a husband and wife farm shop, a 100 year old manufacturer or a sibling software start-up, there’s a membership for everyone.

We run the country’s leading events for those involved with family firms. A place to meet, share and network with like-minded business leaders who understand the challenges of mixing business and family.

Running a company with family members can be challenging. Our experienced, approachable and discreet advisors will help you overcome any challenges including succession planning and family conflict.

All of the latest news from our members around the UK. Our busy Newsroom team work hard to publicise members in local, national and industry press as well as to our network of over 10,000 businesses and social media fans.

To be included in the next issue of Generation Magazine, or to receive your free copy, contact susan@familybusinessplace.com or call 01732 220 120

Using the attributes, qualities, experience and skills you want, we can identify suitable candidates to meet your specific criteria.

To enquire or for more information, contact anita@familybusinessplace.com or call 01732 220 120

We are on a mission to get as many of our wonderful family businesses as possible to get involved and fundraise, support and encourage our incredible charities.

We’ve got all the tools your business needs to grow and thrive. Websites, branding, PR, social media, marketing – our talented team love working closely with passionate business leaders.