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For many money is the driver and life blood of their family business. money is an emotive subject and can be a great force for good, but without the right attitude and values can destroy families across the generations. Does your family members have the right skills and knowledge to be good Stewards of family wealth in the future? 

Accumulating financial and material success is a driver for many family businesses and one of the many outcomes and benefits of operating a successful business. However much wealth you accumulate, the relationship your family has with the ‘mighty dollar’ can dramatically affect your life, your descendants and your families future legacy. 

Family wealth rarely manages to transition beyond the 3rd generation. In fact 91% of families fail to get to this point. Why? Much of it is due to pure communication, a lack of trust amongst family members and underprepared heirs. 

Like many successful business owners and wealthy families you have probably focused heavily on your estate planning, succession strategy and corporate Goverance. But how much time have you spent developing you and your families human capital? 

By focusing on preparing and educating the next generation in how to be good stewards and thoughtful administrators of wealth you will significantly increase the odds of sustaining and growing wealth across the generations. 

As a business owner, the only way to ensure the future legacy of your family and their future success is by developing your families capacity for emotional intelligence. 

If like over 50% of other affluent families you think your beneficiaries spend beyond their means, are naive about the value of money, focused purely on material gain and instant gratification then why not speak to us?

We are experts in helping families of wealth become more organised, serving all family members find common purpose, defining roles and expectations and ensuring family harmony, wealth and lasting legacy.


“Setting up a family council as part of a governance structure is vital for the family to take ownership, protect the values that guide the family and to communicate with the Board”